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Zoom and OpenAI Partnership Brings New Capabilities to Zoom IQ

Zoom and OpenAI Partnership Brings New Capabilities to Zoom IQ

Zoom, the popular video conferencing app, announced a partnership with OpenAI to expand its AI-powered assistant. The new Zoom IQ AI-powered assistant will bring AI-generated summaries, message drafts, and more to the platform, making it even easier for users to stay productive during meetings.

With Zoom IQ, you can now catch up on meetings that you may have missed by asking the tool to summarize what happened and even ask follow-up questions. The AI-powered assistant can also generate whiteboards based on text prompts, provide recaps of meetings, summarize threads in Zoom Team Chat, and even generate responses to your colleagues using AI.

Zoom's expansion of its AI capabilities is a response to new features added by its competitors, Google and Microsoft. Google is bringing the ability to generate text, images, and summaries to its productivity apps, while Microsoft has begun testing an AI assistant called Copilot for Office documents.

In addition to its AI-powered assistant, Zoom has also added other capabilities that make the platform more of an all-in-one productivity app. The new Calendar and Mail apps allow users to access their schedule and emails directly from Zoom, and the new Huddles feature provides a video-enabled virtual coworking space.

Overall, Zoom's partnership with OpenAI and expansion of its AI capabilities offers exciting new features to its users, making it easier to stay productive and connected in virtual meetings.