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Naver Targets Wider Deployment of Robotics Technology

Naver Targets Wider Deployment of Robotics Technology
Naver Targets Wider Deployment of Robotics Technology

Expanding beyond its borders, Naver, South Korea's tech powerhouse, eyes global markets for its advanced robot technologies. The Seoul-based company, known for its cloud robotics and service robots, has its sights set on elevating its presence in Japan, Saudi Arabia, and parts of Europe.

The Naver Labs-crafted service robots, labeled Rookies, adept at delivering meals and packages, are part of a robust research and development focus. With a commitment to innovation, Naver leverages its wide-ranging services, spanning search engines to social networking, to spearhead progress in artificial intelligence and robotics. Their bid for international robot technology expansion highlights current automation trends across various industries.

Amid a wave of technological advancements, Naver champions the integration of 5G and digital twin technologies to bolster its robots' navigation capabilities. This strategic move coincides with a surge in automation investment, as companies like GreyOrange secure substantial funding to enhance supply chain and warehouse operations. Naver's announcement reflects a broader industry shift towards robotics, despite consumer reservations on automated dining experiences. As Naver prepares to navigate the international robotics landscape, its pursuit of seamless cloud-powered automation signals a transformative era for the service industry.