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Deloitte acquires Gryphon Scientific

Deloitte acquires Gryphon Scientific
Deloitte acquires Gryphon Scientific

Deloitte has acquired assets of Gryphon Scientific, a Maryland-based leader in biosafety and biosecurity.

The specifics of the deal remain undisclosed. The acquisition bolsters Deloitte's data-driven biosecurity measures and emergency response solutions, enhancing capabilities with Gryphon's AI expertise and technological insights.

Dr. Rocco Casagrande, Gryphon's founder, will continue to guide efforts. This strategic move aims to improve global infectious disease threat responses and develop trustworthy AI solutions through Deloitte's Federal Health AI Accelerator.

This integration is set to advance Deloitte's life science and public health preparedness, creating robust biosecurity and lab safety measures on a global scale. The enhancement in data science and emergency response will fortify Deloitte's position in the health sector.