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Alinia secures $2.4M in pre-seed round

Alinia secures $2.4M in pre-seed round
Alinia secures $2.4M in pre-seed round

Alinia, a Barcelona-based AI alignment platform, has secured $2.4M in Pre-Seed funding.

Speedinvest and Precursor led the round, with contributions from KFund and several angel investors such as Clem Délangue and Thom Wolf (Hugging Face Co-Founders), Tom Preston (GitHub Co-Founder), Xavier Amatriain (Google Core AI VP), and Oriol Vinyals (Google DeepMind VP of Research).

The funds will be used to hire talent and develop an end-to-end alignment platform focusing on safety and regulatory compliance for generative AI.

Founded by CEO Ariadna Font Llitjós and COO Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis, Alinia aims to provide comprehensive AI governance through evaluation, real-time monitoring, and optimization, ensuring LLM-powered applications adhere to safety and inclusivity standards.